Hydra Space: Company Evolution

2022, June – Hydra Space in European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO) Spanish event

Hydra Space introduced to students the application of satellites to the Internet of Thing, an alternative solution which is receiving a lot of interest and with a significant growth expected in the coming years. In this talk Hydra Space introduced the satellite technology applied to applications such as crop monitoring, animal monitoring and control, climate, natural space monitoring and the oceans.

Source https://esero.es/iniciativas/el-espacio-entra-en-las-aulas/

2022, February – Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Hydra Space was present for second time at the Mobile World Congress on Barcelona, Spain between 28 February to March 3 (Hall 6 – 4YFN Stand 6A14).

2022, February – Hydra Space doubles its technical innovation space at Madrid

Hydra Space has doubled its technical and innovation facilities at Madrid, located in the local goverment community for start-ups known as ‘La Nave’ following its successful beginning of space technology deployment following the January SpaceX Transporter 3 mission launch. This will allow to almost duplicate its engineering work force, something needed to address the next iterations of the satellite technology being developed by the company.

2022, February – Usyncro and Hydra Space agreement for improving mission traceability using Blockchain technology

Usyncro has expertise in helping companies to improve the traceability in all the steps of a production chain. Usyncro will test its Blockchain-based technology to track Hydra Space future missions, from the design to the delivery of the satellites at the launch facilities. This agreement will allow to exploit the natural synergy between the two companies.

Sources: https://www.elespanol.com/invertia/disruptores-innovadores/disruptores/startups/20220130/espacial-usyncro-certifica-blockchain-satelites-hydra-space/645685713_0.html


2022, January – Avion Revue reviews EASAT-2 and Hades, Hydra Space technology satellites mission

The aerospace paper and digital magazine Avion Revue made a review of the successful EASAT-2 and HADES launch. These satellites were designed and built in collaboration with the European University of Madrid. They are open for use to the scientific and radio community through the non-profit organization AMSAT-EA. The article also shows future plans and missions of the company.

Source: https://www.avionrevue.com/espacio/hydra-space-lanza-los-picosatelites-easat-2-y-hades/

2022, January – New press release about Hydra Space regarding partnership with Astroland for the launch of Astroland-1 and Astroland-2 satellites

The newspaper ‘El Diario Montañés’ cites the partnership between Hydra Space and Astroland for launching the new Hydra Space technology developed Astroland-1 and Astroland-2 satellites. They are already built and will be delivered for launch in the next weeks. Open operation will be carried out by non-profit organization AMSAT-EA.

Source: https://www.eldiariomontanes.es/economia/astroland-prosigue-estrategia-20220115184909-ntvo.html

2022, January – Received and decoded the first signals from Hydra-Space team satellites

First signals from EASAT-2 and Hades were successfully received on January 16th. The decoded telemetry confirmed that both satellites are in good health, showing nominal values for their main operational parameters. These two engineering models of the satellite platform enable the in-orbit verification of the design and will enable the company to continue improving and fine-tuning their plans for the deployment of a satellite constellation. EASAT-2 and Hades are open for use to the scientific community, providing voice and data communication services.

2022, January – Hydra Space team technology on satellites to launch on January 13th on SpaceX Falcon-9

The launch is a key milestone for Hydra Space, in our effort to provide cost effective access to space and worldwide IoT communications. With these satellites, we lay the foundations for our strategic vision: an IoT constellation for smart agriculture, climate, environment and oceans monitoring, in line with United Nations 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. These satellites were built in collaboration with Universidad Europea and include Hydra Space IoT technology solution. Tested and qualified at Instituto Universitario de Microgravedad (IDR/UPM), they will be fully open to the scientific and radio community thanks to AMSAT-EA. One of the satellites carries a basalt rock provided by the CSIC research group on meteorites and planetary geosciences (CSIC-IGEO) and ETSICCP (UPM). An experiment to test the suitability of this material for construction purposes on the Moon will be performed in orbit. The second satellite includes a miniature SSTV camera, developed by Brno University of Technology.

Hydra Space technology is also the platform of choice for EU2SPACE project, that will allow +400 university students to deliver their experiments to space in 2022. Hydr Space technical office is located at La Nave-Madrid, where the engineering team will closely monitor the satellites launch and deployment.

Stay tuned for the 2 second launch of two additional satellites, end of January 2022!

2021, December – Hydra Space engineering in new satellites for non-profit organization AMSAT-EA

Hydra Space has carried out platform engineering and mission design for the non-profit organization AMSAT-EA, helping it to build and test the new ASTROLAND-1 (GENESIS-G) and ASTROLAND-2 (GENESIS-J) satellites. In this mission Hydra Space has also worked closely with Ienai Space to integrate a pocketqube version of their Athena thruster for these satellites, to be flying soon.

2021, October – Hydra Space and Ienai Space to integrate thruster in pocketQubes

Hydra Space and Ienai Space work together to integrate one of the Athena thrusters from Ienai in a pocketqube satellite to be launched soon.

2021, October – South Summit

Hydra Space introduced its satellite designs and IoT technology at this event held in Madrid, Spain between days 5-7 October. The company was invited to speak at the Growth Panel. More information herehttps://www.southsummit.co/madrid/program/

2021, September – Hydra Space to deliver satellite kits for the Europe to Space challenge

Hydra Space will deliver satellite kits for the Europe to Space challenge organized by the company UARX. These kits will allow students of Universities to fully integrate and tests the satellites, that would be launched to space by UARX. More information here: https://www.eu2space.com/

2021, September – Launched with Firefly GENESIS satellites mission with the technology of Hydra Space

GENESIS satellites of the non-profit operator AMSAT EA, with the technology of Hydra Space, were launched aboard an Alpha rocket from Firefly from Vanderberg Air Force Base at California on September 3. Event was covered by the space related website Everyday Astronaut. Read it here.

2021, September – Novexport acceleration program

Hydra Space was selected to join this acceleration program focused on exports.

2021, September – Green Gas Mobility Summit 2021

Hydra Space is presenting to the Gas Companies its solutions in connectivity for isolated infrastructures at this event held in Madrid, Spain.

2021, September – Startup Olé

Hydra Space was present at this event held in Salamanca, Spain to show our potential investors, customers and partners our satellite IoT technology.  More information here:

2021, June – Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Hydra Space was present at Mobile World Congress on Barcelona, Spain on days 29, 30 June 4YFN (Hall 2, 2D50). SpanishEl Español newspaper cited Hydra Space as one of the companys who saved this year edition: click here to read it.

2021, May – Digital Enterprise Show 2021

Our company was present at the DES (Digital Enterprise Show) held at the IFEMA facilities in Madrid between May 18 and 20, presenting the technological solutions for IoT via satellite that we offer.

2021, April to September – Go2Space acceleration programme

Hydra Space was selected to participate in this space focused acceleration programme, part of the Cassini Programme – European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870370.

2020, October – III Congreso de Ingenieria Espacial

Hydra Space was accepted to show its solutions on satellite IoT connectivity at this congress held in Madrid, Spain in October. More information here: https://actualidadaeroespacial.com/iii-congreso-nacional-de-ingenieria-espacial/

2020, January to December – La Nave acceleration program

Hydra Space has been selected to be part of this long time acceleration programme held in Madrid, Spain.

Also thanks to La NaveFundación para el Conocimiento madrid , Eduardo Díaz Sánchez , Gabriel Flores Cevallos and Keiretsu Forum Spain for their help and support